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Hey there.

Thanks for popping by to get to know us. We're John and Taryn and we're the team behind First & Wilkerson Designs. 


First & Wilkerson Designs started as a simple question about "what if". What if you could bring your ideas to life, without having to wait weeks and without limits. What if there was something better than screen printing?


Well, my friends, that's where digital printing comes in.


Also known as direct-to-garment printing (or DTG printing), our printing process gives us complete creative freedom to print on just about any type of fabric.


No limits on color, full photo resolution, no minimums, and no setup fees.

Want a single-color print? We can do that. Want to get a picture of your dog printed on a shirt? We can do that, too. Just check our list of services below!

DTG Printing
Logo Design
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