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Looking for a quote? Interested in a custom collaboration? See something you like but want it in a different size or style?


We can do all of that.


Just fill out the contact form below and let us know how we can help.

THANK YOU. We'll be in touch soon!

What kinds of items can you print on?

We can print on just about everything except for bodies. Digital printing gives us the ability to print on almost any type of fibrous material - within reason, obviously.


Keep in mind that material matters! Check out our fabric guide section for more resources on how to choose the right material for your order.

Is there a limit on how many colors I can have in my print?

Unlike screen printing, the sky's the limit with us. One of our favorite things about digital printing is that there are no limits on how many colors you can have in your print.

Because we're limitless here at First & Wilkerson, we can print anything from single color prints (if that's your thing) to high resolution photos. Have you been dreaming of getting a bag with your dog's face on it? Yeah, we can do that.

Can I bring my own items?

No. Unfortunately, bringing in your own item can introduce a lot of unknowns into our process, especially when it comes to materials and any residues that may be invisibly lingering in that material.

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