What is

digital printing?

Glad you asked.

So much different than  screen printing. 

And in all the right ways.

A picture of a pink raglan sleeve womens shirt with a multicolor indiana rainbow print

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The sky's the limit...

no minimums

no setup fees

no color limits

What if you could bring your ideas to life? What if you didn't have to wait weeks? What if there weren't quantity or color limits?


What if there was something better than screen printing?


That's where digital printing comes in.


Direct-to-garment printing (a.k.a digital or DTG printing) gives us complete creative freedom to print on just about any type of fabric.


No limits on color, full photo resolution, no minimums, and no setup fees.

Want a single-color print? We can do that. Want to get a picture of your dog printed on a shirt? We can do that, too.